What Makes A Good EMT (Part 2)

Still struggling with the good EMT thing. I’m glad to be at your service. Grab a pen and answer these questions for yourself.

  • What’s your internal bias toward dealing with patients and their challenges?  When patients have needs that don’t meet with your expectations how do you tend to react? Could you do that better? How?
  • What’s it like to be your partner? How do people feel about you after they’ve run calls with you? Is that by your design?
  • How do you handle it when you fail? When you have a bad call or things don’t go right? Are you willing to be fallible before your peers and own your mistakes? If you really felt that you were good at what you do, what would be the ideal way to address these inevitable errors?
  • What is your tolerance for learning. Are you still in an active learning process or have you stagnated in your growth since you entered the field. What did you learn today?

  • Many people in EMS say they do the job because they like helping people and feeling like they make a difference in others lives. What do you do in your life outside of EMS to help people? When you’re not wearing a uniform, what sorts of things do you do to help others? Do you ever help others in situations where there is no possibility of recognition?
  • If you quit your job tomorrow what would the mood be like at your organization? How would the news be received? Would your replacement have big shoes to fill? Would your organization be better because you had worked there?

You don’t need to share your answers with anyone. It’s just between you and the pen.


  1. Ok then I ask this, as I sit here with my first oral interview rapidly approaching. I can stand on my feet and say I’ve been well trained, the issue is that my training is almost completely within the walls of a classroom. Sure I had some struggles with some of the material in my EMT-Basic class and a relationship with one of my instructors was tested when I added salt to his coffee. But in the end I DO feel like I’ve had the best training possible and I’m proud of the success I’ve had in those classes, so why do I question my abilities? Why do I fear failure? Why do I fear? Why do I dream about going blank when someones life is on the line? I certainly don’t want to be nursed along by those around me when I’m on a call. But I do realize the fact that I’m green in the field.

    I console myself by saying that I care about my patients and the orgainization I may represent. But is the rest normal?


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