Tulsa EMS In The Classrooms

Most of us have been there before. A puking, nearly unconscious teenager on our pram. All the predictable problems; airway issues, responsiveness issues, behavioral issues. When kids learn the hard lessons about alcohol and drugs we’re often the ones who get called in to clean up the mess. And, as tiring as the routine gets, we do what we can.

We protect the airway, administer our oxygen, start the IV, monitor the capnography, pay attention to the heart rhythms, the whole kit-n-kaboodle. (You may use another term … that’s just me.) The subtleties of treatment change with level of certification and protocols, but the call runs remarkably the same.

Some medics is Tulsa, OK decided that we run this call far to often and they got the bright idea to see if they could change that dynamic. Today in high school classrooms around Tulsa EMT’s and Paramedics are taking their kits and prams into the classrooms to talk to teenagers about just what it’s really like to be laying on that pram after an alcohol or drug use mishap.

They aren’t going crazy with the scare tactics. These crews are simply showing the students our advanced airway management techniques, needles and other invasive devices and talking about what it’s like to run these calls and manage these patients.

The program seems to be working. In it’s first year the system has seen a noticeable reduction in teen drug and alcohol responses. I’m always impressed by creative uses for our service like this one. Hats off to the folks in Tulsa who created this program. Hopefully we see more like it in the future.


  1. This is a really admirable project. As our advanced paramedics diversify in the UK into trauma and medical specialists (critical care and emergency care paramedics) I can see room for another speciality. The preventative Paramedic.

    Great article…



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