For the most part, people trust us.

When they hand over their confidential medical information, they trust us.

When they hand over the keys to their houses, their cars and their posessions, they trust us.

When they surrender their limbs to our IV’s and their bodies to our medications, they trust us.

When they open the front door and point toward the back bedroom where their loved one lays in bed and say, “She’s back here.” they trust us.

When they hold their baby in outstreached arms they trust us.


They trust that we know the right thing to do.

They trust that we have their best intentions at heart.

They trust that we care about them.

They trust that we will speak only the truth.

They trust that we are well educated in these matters.

They trust that we are competent.


And sometimes we are worthy of that trust. And sometimes we are not.




  1. Nice reminder, definately something to take seriously.

  2. An insightful reflection that provides a lot of food for thought.

  3. Alan Johnson says:

    That is a good thing to remember everytime we come in contact with people as professionals. Thanks Steve


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