Copy Code Three

This is one of my favorite things as an EMS blogger. I’m always stoked to find other people who are doing awesome things out on the Internet in support of our chosen career and share them with my readers. I’m glad to say that there are a bunch of them.

Today I want to tall you about a dude named Buck Feris and a new podcast he’s put together. Buck has a few ongoing projects around the net. He maintains the blog Gomerville. He’s also thrown himself into several popular podcasts. He’s the co-hoast of The EMS Educast and a frequent contributor to the ever entertaining EMS Garage.

When I heard through the Internet grapevine (OK twitter) that the buckman was venturing off into the podcasting wild with a solo project I was immediately interested. Then I heard his idea and I got down-right estatic. Buck has taken inspiration from one of my favorite radio shows This American Life and created a podcast of regular EMS folks telling incredible stories from their lives.

Buck has nailed the format perfectly and then added his own brand of surreal creativity to the mix. The result is just plain cool. I urge you to go check out the podcast Copy Code Three. This podcast is a great opportunity to hear meaningful stories from some of the extraordinary individuals who chose EMS as their career.

I’ve said before that the most amazing thing about our job is the people who chose to do it. Buck has aimed his podcast dead center at the core of what makes our job great and fired. He hits the mark.


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  1. Lisa Harter says:

    This is simply one of the very best EMT/EMS sites I’ve found. Thanks so much for all the effort you’ve obviously put into making this top quality info and help for about-to-bes, newbies and experienced pro EMTS/paramedics. I’ve got lots of good reading to do now, bye!


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