Seven EMS Blogs You Should Read

In case you haven’t noticed, newspapers in this country and around the globe are in big trouble. The reason has more to do with technology than the economy. Technology has changed the landscape of how people get their information. Writing yesterday’s news on paper and driving it all over town just isn’t that appealing in the age of instant free access.

Along with the advance of wireless instant news has come an ever increasing army of bloggers and web journalists breaking into the self publishing realm. Why go to the newspaper’s lifestyles section and look for a color-commentary story on what it’s like to be a street paramedic when you can Google it and read the words right from the proverbial horse’s mouth?

I read a bunch of these EMS blogs and I’ve come to really like and appreciate many of them. I’d like to pass on a short list of seven of my favorites. These are by no means all of the excellent blogs out there. But these certainly represent a good start.

Medic999 The life of a geordie paramedic is the blog of Mark Glencorse. Mark is a medic who hails from the UK. He’s worked for the North East Ambulance service for the past 8 years and always provides an interesting perspective on the trials and tribulations of a medic in the UK.

Why read it? I love Mark’s honesty. He’s willing to put it our there as a blogger and talk about how paramedicine effects his life. He’s willing to push beyond the case review and talk about how experiences made him feel. I admire and respect that.

The Happy Medic is an anonymous blogger from anywhere USA. He claims to have worked in almost every capacity in EMS systems around the US and his posts seem to validate this identity. As you read his blog you’ll quickly surmise that happy medic is a firefighter / paramedic working in a mixed urban / suburban community.

Why read it? I enjoy happy medic’s generally positive outlook and his desire to push EMS caregivers, and firefighters alike, out of their normal thought ruts. He presents an ongoing string of thought provoking situations and presentations that will keep you thinking about your job.

Everyday EMS Tips is the blog of Greg Friese, paramedic, e-learning specialist and president of Emergency Preparedness systems, LLC. Greg has a diverse background in EMS and education. He uses his blog as a platform to pass on useful information to field providers.

Why read it? Greg is a leader of e-learning in EMS. when you look at ways to use technology to get better at being an EMT, it’s hard to find an area where Greg hasn’t been there – done that. He has a pure dedication to helping emergency providers learn and grow.

 Rescuing Providence was create by Lt. Michael Morse, a paramedic for the Providence Rhode Island Fire Department. He is the author of a book that bears the same title as his blog. Lt. Morse’s blog is an engaging, first-person look at the good and bad sides of urban EMS.

Why read it? The Lt. has a wonderfully informal, conversational style to his posts. He begins stories with phrases like “So anyway …” as if you were sitting next to him in his rescue. He’s also willing to unflinchingly go places that are uncomfortable to the reader. The result is always thought provoking.

 A Day In The Life Of A Basics Doc details the misadventures of UK physician RapidResponseDoc. He is another EMS blogger hailing from mother England and an E.R. (or A&E as they say across the pond) doctor to boot. RRD responds out with local EMS crews and writes about his calls.

Why read it? It’s interesting to get a physicians perspective on the prehospital world. Being an MD doesn’t change the fact that he still has to deal with difficult patients, sleepless nights, shut-ins, grumpy firemen and everything else that goes with prehospital care. Along the way RRD finds himself just as addicted to the challenges of street medicine as the rest of us.

Stret Watch: Notes of A Paramedic is the blog of Peter Canning, a paramedic and author who hails from New England. As an EMS blogger since 2004 Peter carries some serious street creed in the EMS blogging world. He has authored several books and is currently posting chapters from his latest endeavor “Mortal Men – A Novel”

Why read it? Street Watch is a collage of information, stories, fictional accounts and case reviews. Peter is unpredictable is his format, unpretentious in his layout and extremely informative. His dedication to his readers is always apparent in his writing.

Random Acts of Reality tells the story of Tom Reynolds, an EMT working for the London Ambulance service. As he relates stories about calls, partners and the UK system you’ll take comfort in the knowledge that EMTs face similar challenges all over the world.

Why read it? Tom has a great sense of sarcastic joy about his job. He writes with the comfort of someone who’s been at the keyboard for a long time. Tom has mastered the art of being humorous about the trials of a street medic without ever being disrespectful. EMS bloggers who try to use their patient encounters as funny anecdotes could learn a lesson from him.

So there you have it. While you’re looking over these seven contributors, also check out their blog rolls for even more great bloggers and blogs. If you have an EMS blog or know one that I should include on my next list, let me know. I’d love to check it out.

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  1. Thanks for including me with such good company! I happen to be quite fond of another, The EMT Spot!

  2. Wow, high praise indeed, especially coming from you!!

    One of the greatest things about the blogosphere is that even with the EMS blogs, there is something for everyone. Whatever you want to get from a EMS blog, someone, somewhere will be writing about it.

    If you want true poetic writing, there is Siren Voices; sometimes controversial, then go to CKemtp at Life under the lights. If you want to learn or refresh your skills and understanding of medic things, there is always this really good blog called “the emt spot”!

    Thanks again Steve

  3. Thanks Steve,

    A true honor to be included in this list since I am relatively new to blogging.

    The joy for me in blogging is making connections with other EMS providers and building a tribe of EMS professionals that are passionate about what they do.

    Keep up the great work with the EMT Spot.

  4. Steve Whitehead says:

    Michael, Mark, Greg, you’re all more than welcome. Thanks for providing me with such great, ongoing inspiration. The EMS community owes you a debt of gratitude.

  5. Like your blog. Good content and conception of an EMS blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. Some good resources here, but it seems that some of the blogs have been taken down or moved.

  7. Wow, fantastic list! Definitely have some of our own favorites on here. Keep up the good work!


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