The May EMS Roundup

Just like that, May has come and gone. Here at The EMT Spot we had a bunch of good stuff go down. Inspired by Mark over at Medic999, I wrote a piece about coping with tragedy in EMS. I also challenged you to stop whining and ask your self the question, “Who’s going to stop me?” After a not-so-brief explanation of nystagmus, we talked about five assessment findings that should concern you and even discussed social networks and beer bongs. And we can’t forget Jimmy Futrelle’s awesome guest post about responding to sexual assault.

So how about all the other really great EMS blogs out there? Rescuing Providence hosted this months Handover Blog Carnival, a great collection of EMS musings that is rumored to now be moving to a twice a month schedule. Peter Canning has an exceptional offering about making connections with your patients in Till I One Day Vanish. Basics Doc relates an amusing and frustrating story about an opportunistic cyclist in bang and Greg Friese reminds us to asses for associated signs and pertinent negatives.

The Happy Medic tells a not so happy tale in two letters about a confessed child killer working as an EMT and then asks a question that appeals to the anarchist in me … should doctors really still run the EMS show? Kim at Emergiblog takes a hilarious walk down memory lane and tells us about games people play. Some things never change. Finally, EpiJunky at Pink, Warm and Dry reminds us all what memorial day is all about with a personal reflection about a family member, my cousin, my hero.

In EMS news, there are several reports circulating about a videotaped confrontation between Oklahoma State Trooper’s and paramedics from the Creek Nation. The EMS Memorial Ride got off and running … OK peddling. Denver Health Paramedics hospital board has enacted a plan to correct the thirty three minute response to a commercial plane crash earlier this year. A Pennsylvania volunteer fire department has neighbors fed up over a loud wistle in the middle of town used to alert them to calls. (Nobody saw that coming?) Another California county is refusing to let medics intubate kids for fear of misplaced tubes. I’m all for relying on the basics, but would someone tell these guys about capnography? And a Maine couple who ran an ambulance service for 15 years has decide to shut their doors due to funding issues. (And the world keeps turning.)

If podcasts are your thing, The EMS Educast discussed dealing with a loss in the classroom and the boys over at EMS Garage had a spirited debate over EMS special teams.

And now we move on to June. I’m looking forward to discussing if EMS is a science or and art, talking about the true value of a patient, explaining why waiting is a part of serving and showing you how to teach a firefighter to strip out an IV in a way that they’ll never forget. I’m even going to explain why dogs don’t buy dog food and what it means for us in EMS. I’ll be here with something new to wrap your brain around every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you then.



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