Who’s Going To Let Me?

      … Who’s Going To Stop Me?

I should have expected it. It was to be expected. After two recent posts suggesting people take some drastic actions, I’m responding to a wave of, “but we just can’t” feedback. … Let me ask you something.

Why are you waiting for permission to be awesome?

But we just can’t Steve. If we did this thing you’re suggesting it would be immoral, it would be illegal, it would be unethical. Nobody does that here. I’d be the only one. People think differently where we live. You just don’t understand. That would go against the grain. That’s not the way I’m made.

Sometimes in life we have to ask for permission. That’s just the way life works. There are barriers preventing us from going to far. Part of life is playing by the rules. Your protocols are an example. Your policies and procedures are another.

We are obligated to follow the law of the land. But I find it interesting how often we use these constructs as excuses for why we can’t do anything drastic or unusual. None of these things are preventing you from being better. None of them are keeping you from standing up for yourself, your patient, your profession or your God given right to be remarkable. Stop pretending that someone or something is keeping you from being everything you want to be.

Stop waiting for permission. Especially if you’re taking a stand on what you believe. Gandi didn’t wait for permission to hike to the sea and make salt. Rosa Parks don’t ask for permission to sit in the front of the bus. They simply acted on their convictions. They chose to live lives worth living … their way. And you can too. No more excuses. No more waiting. If you needed permission, I give you permission. Tell them I said it was OK. Go live a life worth living. Go be awesome. Tell me how it goes.


  1. Exactly.

    Nothing really else can be said. Your life is a journey from point “A” to point “B” with point “A” being birth and point “B” being your demise. Where you are when point “B” comes is determined by a linear time line that you are in control of.

    EMS has been held back by the “No permission to be awesome” attitude for too long now. Let’s break that and do what we want.

  2. Awesome picture. Please let me know if I need to pay to use it – or can I just do what I want? 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Steve Whitehead says:

    Bonnie, the picture is called, “caps lock is full awesome” by the flickr user catcubed. All of the photos used from flickr have a hover-caption that includes the title and photographer and link to the photographers flickr page or page of choice.

    This photo is available for use under a creative commons license. You can go to the original on flickr by clicking the photo.


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