Try Being Brave

"Just for a second...just, try being brave."      - Despereaux James is working at a fire station where one of the … [Read It Now]

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101 Things We Should Teach Every New EMT

1) You aren't required to know everything. 2) You are required to know the foundational knowledge and skills of your … [Read It Now]

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Seven Hard Truths About EMS That Will Make You Better

Having worked in EMS for over two decades now, I've come to grasp a few hard truths that, once you accept, can improve … [Read It Now]

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All Medics Should Be Armed

A comment by Skip Kirkwood I think medics should be armed........with Verbal Judo and other established training in … [Read It Now]

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Pain Tolerance and the 1 – 10 Scale

Last night I watched a friend of mine break a stack of bricks with his bare hand. As a trained martial artist he's no … [Read It Now]

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Happening Right Now

Carmel Ind. Paramedics Deploy Ultrasound

The Indy Channel reports that Carmel paramedics will be the first to deploy ultrasound in the … [Read It Now...]

How Can Aladtec Software Save Time and Money?

Working as a supervisor was a ton of fun and also a ton of work. We decided to partner with Aladtec … [Read It Now...]

Medic Fired for “Sick Selfies”

Sometimes folks who don't care much for patients end up in caregiver roles. It should be obvious to … [Read It Now...]

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The Knowledge Library

Two Things About Proper Patient Restraint

<object id="flashObj" width="420" height="360" … [Read More...]

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Heart Attack Signs in Women

Women feel heart attack sympotoms differently. Would you miss a heart attack if it presented with … [Read More...]

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Patient Rewarming Advice

I'm back! Here's the latest Remember Two Things posted over on Paramedic TV.   … [Read More...]

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What Makes You An EMT?

This poor kid has been getting a lot of grief on social media.* Apparently he passed his EMT exams and he's been doing a bunch of ride-alongs as well as collecting a pretty impressive vest full of radios, scissors and helpful EMT paraphernalia. When questioned, he reported that he primarily responded to calls on the engine. Those calls were trauma calls. He didn't respond with the medic unit that … [Read It All...]

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I Need Your Questions and Scenarios

Would you be willing to help me with my new web series? Later this month I will be filming a web series for EMS1 entitled, "What would you do?" I'd like challenging, real world situations drawn from our actual EMS practice to present to the viewers. Some of the scenarios will also be presented to the readers for their input and advice before filming. Scenarios can be actual events or … [Read It All...]

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Treatment vs Care

It's important to distinguish between good treatment and good care. Doing a proper patient assessment is good treatment. Telling the patient what you are doing before you do it is good care. Starting an IV is good treatment. Thoroughly cleaning the IV site and using sterile technique is good care. Safe transport to the hospital is good treatment. A warm blanket and a kind word … [Read It All...]

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The Brilliance of EMS Workforce Management Software

Your attention is valuable. I appreciate every minute you spend here reading this blog. Every time I press the publish button on a new post I consider that one important fact. Your time is precious and you come here with an understanding that the information I publish is useful and worthy of your time. Everything you read here is made possible by our sponsors and with our newest sponsor, the … [Read It All...]

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A Letter From Your E.R. Doctor

Earlier this month, Dr. Rose Owens penned an open letter to EMT's and paramedics across the country. She posted it in the Facebook forum "Paramedics on Facebook". As a paramedic, Dr. Rose sees prehospital caregivers from the inside as well as from her position in the ER. This makes her observations so important. Her words are an interesting insight into our profession from an "outside" … [Read It All...]

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The Artist in The Ambulance

I found this fun little tribute video on YouTube today. With the accessibility of digital media, why aren't we all making more of these?   Thanks for that ABEMTShayna. If you make more, let me know. Steve … [Read It All...]

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